Help thesis: is it really illegal?

Help thesis is a service increasingly used by university students about to reach the long-awaited degree. We know, nobody teaches you to write a thesis: the structure of the Italian university, focused mainly on oral exams, requires that very little is written, unlike the Anglo-Saxon model, in which students are asked to produce lots of texts, be they essays, papers or presentations.

Therefore, once all the exams have been completed, it often happens that the student must try his hand at academic writing for the first time, and not knowing where to start, he is forced to ask for help. Furthermore, the speakers often prove too busy and fail to follow their students effectively, leaving them at the mercy of their uncertainties and gaps.

It must be said that Italy, in addition to being one of the European countries with the highest university fees, makes very few scholarships available. These factors contribute to increasing the already very high drop-out rate (students leaving school) and the percentage of working students. Thus it happens more and more frequently that boys prefer to pursue their career path and abandon their studies with few exams from graduation or when they find themselves having to write only the thesis.


These are the reasons why more and more students are being replaced in the drafting of degree theses. But is this service really illegal? But above all is it really necessary?

The thesis is an official and public act: for this reason it is important that all contents are absolutely original and autographed.

In this regard, we at, an innovative start-up that deals with training consultancy, are promoters of a new service that allows students to be supported by our collaborators but still remain the sole authors of their own thesis.

We first studied and then implemented a type of consultancy at an extremely affordable price that provides for the assignment of the suitable tutor for each individual case. The figure we propose, besides being specialized in a specific field of study, is in possession of specific skills necessary for the writing of university texts. This is a real support in all the phases of the thesis realization: through a personalized planning (complete with deadlines and objectives) our tutor will help the student to better organize his ideas and structure the work in the best way . Obviously the help in formatting and correcting the contents is not missing, and all of this acquires further value thanks to the use of anti-plagiarism software and quality control carried out directly by us in the company.

The thesis is a personal and creative work and usually a little push is enough to get the job started. Don’t give up on reaching one of the most important goals of your life.

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