7 types of roommates

In all cohabitations, more or less frequently, someone more careless than the other may emerge in the various aspects of daily life at home. Often, however, these recriminations are only an attempt to seek in others those shortcomings that everyone feels in himself.

This is why we have identified 7 types of roommates: we propose here a caricature of those personalities with whom we may have lived together.

1) The uncaring

To easily identify who is the “alpha-free car” in the house, just follow Pollicino as the trail of dirty dishes, socks to wash, “rubbish” accumulated on the ping-pong table made to arrive specially from South Korea, until you get close of the bedroom. Noting the sheets that have not moved for days and the aforementioned flatmate sprawled over, now exhausted of yet another inconclusive day, worse for you if you are the roommates!

2) The little one

With the hair always combed and the blouse stretched up to the sleeve, the little man juggles in the household chores like a lioness does with her prey. There are no impossible spots or badly occupied spaces in his house, always ready to reproach for every cup away and for cereal boxes arranged in non-alphabetic order, the little prince usually has a short life in cohabitation between normal people.

3) The unknown

Someone will have happened to find himself in the same house with subjects whose personality disturbed his own well-being at home. It is certainly not the case of our stranger who, given his status as a perfect stranger, is content to pay his bills, rent, taxes and then disappear from home except for some fleeting greetings rather than his pleasure to make sure that his room was not subleased.

4) The maniac

They all have fixed lines: the stamp collection, follow straight lines with their feet while walking, the favorite pillow of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, the childhood pajamas that we still insist on wearing. These episodes are called “mancanze” and the maniac has made it his daily bread throughout his university and work career. In the worst case it has placed video cameras in your room with which you can unmask your little misdeeds, such as when using your roll-on deodorant.

5) The musician

The presumed artists in the house are never lacking: those who delight in the silent design and intoxication use the Carioca markers on the kitchen wall, those with the quiet theater escort you for readings around the city, those moved by the Dionysian dance drags you to the trash evenings of the 90s. But no, you live with an uncompromising rocker fan N ° 1 of ACDC and with his mammoth amplifier. Thanks to him you discover the passion for earplugs and the furnishing of your neighbor with whom you are joining to find another home.

6) The mundane

Category that always keeps us apart is that of the “lions of the night”: always looking for the look of beautiful girls, the mundane are informed about everything that happens in the worst bars in the city, ignore the concept of alarm clock and everything that goes by 7:00 am to noon. Their origin is not well known, the documents we found were incomplete and badly written. This means that the mundane wanted to get drunk from the beginning.

7) The NON-official

It can happen that for one reason or another it happens to spend the night guests of their friends who, not infrequently, welcome us with open arms. With the same frequency, it may happen that we find ourselves again with those open arms. But be careful, too much do-goodness and apprehension can be the object of convenience for our guests! There are many stories of roommates who have been illegally evicted by those same friends welcomed with open arms.

The reason and the way we have chosen to tell these seven parodies is to reflect on the fact that sometimes it is better not to be too arrogant at home and not to take oneself too seriously. We can all make certain mistakes, regardless of the category to which we belong.