6 tips to start writing a thesis

To start writing your own thesis, it is important to follow some tips, which are useful for not going into the ball and starting the right path right from the start.

Choose the subject

After having faced numerous exams it is important to understand which subjects have had the greatest interest. Once you have identified the chosen field within which to carry out the research (yes, a thesis is really a research!) It is necessary to ask the reference professor for his willingness to be your supervisor.

Choose the right teacher

The choice of the professor is extremely important: a teacher who makes you feel at ease and knows your course of study well, including the difficulties you have faced, is the best companion to face this journey. Having a professor who follows you and directs you during the writing is one of the fundamental prerogatives to avoid the risk of getting lost among a thousand doubts and uncertainties.

Identify the topic

We would like to advise you on the deductive reasoning for the drafting of your degree thesis! That is starting from the universal to reach the particular. Choose a topic that can be easily inserted in a larger context and start from there, then get to the “experimental” part through reasoning.

Collect the bibliography

Once the topic has been identified, it is good to begin to make an intense bibliographic search: in addition to the paper material, which is always very important and of great value, today it is possible to find documents online, always paying attention to the truthfulness of the information.

Set up a ladder (future index)

We need to imagine our degree thesis as a book: divided into sections (chapters) which in turn are divided into smaller sections (paragraphs and sub-sections). Beginning with the appointment of the most important aromas of the discourse to be addressed within one’s own elaborate, life is gradually given to the ladder (first draft of the index). Once completed, it must be presented to its teacher to have its approval to officially start the draft!

Identify an ultimate goal

It is very important, during the writing of one’s thesis, to have clear ideas about the final objective of the same: in this way one will avoid getting lost among the amount of bibliographic material, always having in mind the conclusion of the research. In this regard it may be useful, even before beginning the drafting, to write down the key question to which your research wants to answer. During the writing, ask yourself if you are really answering or if it is necessary to change the structure or, why not, change the question!

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